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Body Sculpting

Top and left photos are before treatment, bottom and right photos are after treatment

Body Sculpting


I have been for my first fat freezing session with Teresa, she is so friendly and welcoming and explains things very well. I was nervous at first, but it's the best thing ever! Teresa took pictures of before and after, and I can honestly say the change was great, only a little one but it's given me the push to stick to my diet and the gym! I'm so happy I had it done, I'm seeing some great results! Amazing!


Can't believe how impressed I am with this treatment! Still early days but I already see a difference. I have also cut out fatty foods and drank the entire supply of Yorkshire water! Haha I highly recommend this treatment and i was made to feel very relaxed and at home. Thank you so much!

Kelly F

Very good experience! Very nice and welcoming people!


I had fat freeze five weeks ago and went from 30% body fat to 21% with a combination of drinking water and weight training everyday. Great friendly people and I can't believe the results - I can get back into my size 10 jeans!


So very happy, can't recommend enough, I had my hips and belly fat frozen and I'm so happy. I can't wait to have it done again!


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