Frequently Asked Questions


It is an exacting procedure in which carefully applied semi permanent pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin. The pigment is made of a natural iron oxide. It is hypo-allergic, and there are no fragrances, emollients or other ingredients added.

Your preferred colour is implanted into a lower layer of the skin, where it remains for up to five years. The pigments we use are non-reactive and virtually limitless in the choice of colour.

This make up is perfectly safe.

The treatment has been approved by doctors and reviewed extremely favourably by many beauty writers.


Today’s techniques can achieve fine light lines of colour. These can be subtly layered to create natural results indistinguishable from regular make up.

Most semi permanent make up these days lasts for the amount of time that the client desires so they don’t have to worry about it looking odd as the skin ages.


Treatments start with a consultation and colour analysis to discover the best make up look for each individual.

Pharmaceutical grade pigments will then be custom mixed to suit their colouring.

An airbrush type gun is used to add pigments to the top layer of the skin (The dermal layer) and a numbing cream will be applied to the area before this happens.

For the first couple of days the pigment may appear darker than it will eventually look and the surrounding area may also be slightly red but scabbing is infrequent.

A retouch may be scheduled for a few weeks time to achieve a perfect result.


There is usually minimal discomfort.

We use topical anaesthetics to greatly reduce discomfort and promote relaxation. Some clients feel nothing except a prickly sensation.


This varies with each individual person.

The expectation is between two and five years.


Safety is our priority. At all times, we adhere to the strictest sterilisation procedures.

Only new, sterile, disposable needles are used for complete safety.

We have been highly trained in this art to exacting standards.


On the second day after a procedure, a light crust will form, this is only dry to your touch, and will fall off in a few days.

During this time the pigment area may look darker than the colour you decided upon but once the crust flakes off it will lighten by up to 40%.


Very natural!

Your features look more defined, friends will never know the difference unless you tell them.


Immediately! The colour may appear a little darker than usual for the first few days

The crusting is only slightly visible, but usually never really noticeable.

Semi Permanent Makeup & Microblading


Had my consultation with Teresa and from walking in she put me at ease straight away. I had my brows done and oh boy I'm overwhelmed by them, I cannot believe the difference in my appearance which I thought I was happy... So a huge thank you Teresa you are so talented, professional and wonderful... My hubby loves them too so double whammy! No more tedious hours in the mirror and goodbye eye powder. The most fabulous professional lady I have ever met - I LOVE my brows! This lady is brilliant!


Thank you so much Teresa. My brows look amazing and have made such a difference. No more drawing them on myself, one higher than the other! I am so happy with them and can't thank you enough. I'll definitely be recommending you to my fiends. I had semi permanent brows, which were less painful than the microblading I had done last year, and look a million times better. Thanks again, I love them!


I just wanted to say a big thank you for my wonderful brows. It's only been 3 days since I had them done by Teresa but I absolutely love them! Such a professional job. I was so nervous about semi permanent but she talked me through all my options. She is super professional, all the paper work is done and double checked beforehand and then she takes her time to make sure I was happy before my treatment. I felt like I was in good hands and I certainly was! I'm so impressed and would recommend to anyone! Thank you so much. x

Sarah P

Worth every penny! Teresa is a professional, she puts you at ease and is a lovely lady, thank you.

Debbie R

A very big thanks to Teresa. An amazing difference, so natural. Great expertise and very quick. The time taken before is the main time, spent on the whole sorting out which is important. Would recommend it to people like myself who have over plucked their eyebrows. Definately a must - Thanks again!

Jose, Sheffield

Had my semi permanent makeup done on my brows today. I've not had brows for 40 years and Teresa has totally transformed my look. Very clever, lovely lady - I'd definitely recommend her. Thanks Teresa xx


My treatment has been so good. I will always recommend others to Teresa. And I will be coming back. I feel much more beautiful. Teresa takes so much care. I always feel at ease.

Sandra, Maltby

I had hardly any natural eyebrows left after years of over plucking. I am so thrilled with the result. My face is lifted and younger looking – better than botox and so much more natural.

Norma, Sheffield

Amazing results! Teresa I simply can't thank you enough for your expertise and pure talent. From having no eyebrows to having absolutely stunning eyebrows! My confidence is overwhelming, not to mention I actually look years younger. Received my top up today and I'm over the moon with the results. Teresa you simply have transformed my looks and confidence. Once again a huge thank you. xx

Sandra B

I am so happy with my new eyebrows! Teresa has been amazing - skilled, professional, patient and friendly - and so informative! I am pleased I have such a perfectionist looking after my brows. I have no hesitation in recommending Teresa.

Annunziata F

Had my second visit to Teresa today. I absolutely love my eyebrows, she is a true professional. Fantastic job! Made me look ten years younger! I will be visiting you again, thank you so very much. xxx

Linda E

Thank you to Teresa for a wonderful experience. My eyebrows look amazing and make so much difference to my face. I had a problem before with one brow lower than the other making my eye very droopy looking, this has now been enhanced and looks much better and has lost the droopy effect.

Susan, Sheffield

I am so very happy with my eyebrows. They are so much nicer than I expected. Teresa was so nice, and she explained everything in detail what was going to happen. I would highly recommend her.

Andrea, Mansfield

Felt very relaxed and comfortable. Teresa made me feel very happy. Tremendously pleased with treatment and shape of my brows.

Sylvia, Sheffield

Totally pain free - Dozed off twice. My semi permanent brows are perfect. Teresa you are top notch.

Nicky, Rotherham

My brows look fantastic. I am so pleased with them. Teresa was very professional and caring.

Mandy, Worksop

I didn't expect to see such an improvement to the shape of my brows. It has really lifted my face. Thank you Teresa.

Victoria, Worksop

Everything went well. Teresa made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. My eyebrows are now amazing. I am so very happy with everything. I can definitely recommend Teresa because her work is so fantastically perfect. Thanks again Teresa.

Diane, Kimberworth

Thank you so much Teresa, very pleased with my brows, the care and attention to detail as well as a good natter is top notch 😀


A very special treatment in cosy surroundings. I feel relaxed, serine, and ready to face the world again.

Natalie, Tinsley

Very pleased and extremely happy with the service and perfection treatment. Made very welcome, very professional, will thoroughly recommend. Many thanks Teresa.

Sharon, Melton Mowbray

Teresa is very professional, knowledgeable and an expert in her field. She is very friendly and we have lots of laughs and chats when doing my treatments. I can't believe how different I look, they are fantastic, they have taken years off my face, I love them. I shall certainly be showing them off and recommending Teresa to all my friends.

Sue, Sheffield

Fantastic Result! Much better than I had ever imagined. A very professional approach, I feel wonderful!

Christine, Barlborough

Highly recommended, the best. Thanks a million Teresa. My semi permanent eyeliner looks super. I can't wait to show it off to all my friends.

Bev, Sheffield

Very pleased with my eyebrows. Very pleasant helpful perfectionist. Not as painful as I thought. Would thoroughly recommend this lady.

Kathleen, Nottingham

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