Discover the technique for perfect & natural beautiful eyebrows!

Microblading is an alternative ‘hand tool’ method to the established semi permanent makeup technique.

With Microblading eyebrows can be created extremely naturally. To achieve this, organic colours are worked into the skin utilising manual blades. Extremely fine hairlines are created which show hardly any difference to real ones.

All brows are bespoke and individually designed to the contours of your face.

If your eyebrows are sparse from tweezing, shaving or Alopecia, or if your brows are blonde or light Microblading offers a new way of eyebrow correction which looks absolutely natural. Even extremely thin and irregular brows can be reconstructed with this technique!


Would you like a more PERMANENT answer to perfect brows?

With your input, our experienced, fully qualified and registered technician will design, tailor and sculpt your brows to perfection!

No more drawing, no more monthly brow appointments, just flawless natural brows every day with minimal upkeep.

Book your microblading appointment today in Sheffield, Rotherham and surrounding areas – Please call Teresa on 0114 2872287 or 07737 744665, alternatively you can send a message via our contact form.