The Nano Needle

Introducing the Nano Needle from only £189

Nano Needle in Sheffield and Rotherham by TeresaThe FINEST most PRECISE hair stroke technique in cosmetic tattooing! NEW and IMPROVED procedure to microblading and with even finer, more accurate and precise hair strokes for a truly natural result!

How is nano needling different to microblading?
The tool we us to introduce the pigment into the skin is different in nano vs microblading. Also, in the healed results, pigment retention is much greater in nano brows  vs microbladed brows.

Do the results of nano needling really look that different from those of microblading?
They are both hair stroke techniques, but with nano we have a lot more precision because it’s a ‘one-point’ starting point. You can also shade in between the hair strokes to give a more soft appearance. With nano, we can be a lot more creative and go beyond simple hair strokes to obtain natural healed results.

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