Lip Blush & Liner

Full Lip Blush and Liner from only £395

Dermace Lip PigmentsLip liner and full lipstick colour is perfect for reshaping uneven lips and for making the lips appear larger and fuller.

It has the added benefit of preventing lipstick from bleeding. It covers scars and can give your lips a natural or more dramatic look that lasts all day.

Semi permanent lip liner and lip colour can be used to completely transform the look and shape of the lips or just to give a subtle lift in colour. It can remedy uneven lip shape and enhance the volume of one or both of the lips to create a more balanced full lip.

Lips that have lost their shape and some of their volume and colour as they’ve aged may benefit from this procedure and it’s an alternative to fillers.

Techniques include retracing the natural lip line to give the individual back their original shapely lips. This can be done in a very natural way by fading the line into the centre of the lips. Colour can also be added to the centre to create a natural tint.

Clear lip gloss can then be added for a glamorous make up look.

Now introducing the Nano Needle from only £189

The FINEST most PRECISE hair stroke technique in cosmetic tattooing! NEW and IMPROVED procedure to microblading and with even finer, more accurate and precise hair strokes for a truly natural result!

Nano Needle in Sheffield and Rotherham by TeresaHow is nano needling different to microblading?
The tool we us to introduce the pigment into the skin is different in nano vs microblading. Also, in the healed results, pigment retention is much greater in nano brows  vs microbladed brows.

Do the results of nano needling really look that different from those of microblading?
They are both hair stroke techniques, but with nano we have a lot more precision because it’s a ‘one-point’ starting point. You can also shade in between the hair strokes to give a more soft appearance. With nano, we can be a lot more creative and go beyond simple hair strokes to obtain natural healed results.


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